Since the Handbooks were produced there have been many changes to the boats

Since the Handbooks were produced there have been many changes to the boats. In particular, the old Truman was replaced by a brand new purpose built steel boat for the 1998 season. The Felgate has also undergone improvements and changes. These are the main changes:

Both boats are 70ft long.

The favorite weekend trip is to Norbury Junction on the Shropshire Union canal and return.

There are many routes for longer trips. Seek advice from senior skippers.

For weekend trips boats will be available from 5 pm on Friday - return by 4 pm on Sunday.

Your group can consist of upto 12 people. This includes leaders and young people.

In addition we provide a Captain and often an assistant whom we ask you to feed, please.


A layout of each boat is attached.



Each boat carries Third Party and Passenger Indemnity of £2m.

PERSONAL ACCIDENT COVER IS NOT INCLUDED and we strongly recommend you take out this cover for your group.

Suggestion: Contact: Endsleigh Insurance 01922 649147 For very good rates.

Leaders in Charge must hold names and addresses of everyone in their party along with contact names and phone numbers of parents/guardians in case of a need to contact them.

Also a note of any special medical conditions of any member in the party.

The Truman now has a lounge/seating area with tables for mealtimes.


The toilets on board are now the "pump out" type with 2 on each boat. Your trip will commence with freshly pumped out tanks, which should easily last for a weekend trip. However, it is always good practice to use land toilets whenever there is an opportunity.

!Please pump me out!

For longer trips, you may need additional pump-outs costing approximately £10 per toilet, available at boatyards with pump-out facilities (marked on maps).


Please make sure that all members of your party are aware that only items, which have passed through their digestive system, are to be deposited down the toilets! Use small amounts of toilet paper. Sanitary towels/tampons must not be put down toilets; otherwise serious blockages may occur.


Each boat has 8 gas burners and a medium sized oven and grill.


Truman has a full sized, battery powered fridge. Felgate has a smaller, calor gas powered fridge.

It is a good idea to take cool boxes for extra storage, particularly in summer and on longer trips.

Remember to bring a First Aid Kit.

Hot water on Truman is heated through a calorifier whilst the engine is running (like an immersion heater tank) hot water gets VERY HOT so take care.

Both boats have a shower, (make sure you don't run out of water using it).

It is good practice to fill up with water at least once a day.

We now supply Good quality large pots and pans; kettles and teapot; tray; chopping board; frying pan; jug; mixing/large bowel; colander.


You still need to bring your own personal crockery and cutlery; tin opener and scissors; tea towels; washing-up liquid & cloths; toilet roll.

It is usual for groups to bring all food with them. Our advice is keep things simple and buy food for the whole boat and eat as a group, not as individuals. Mealtimes are an important social gathering for all on board.

Please do not allow young people to operate burners and cookers unsupervised.

Be aware that the boat may bump in locks.

Mobile phone charging point on each boat. Car cigarette lighter type fitting.

Both boats now carry life jackets.

Please observe the Waterways code at all times. Respect all other users of the canals. Treat others, as you would like to be treated. Leave the canal, as you would like to find it. Respect the privacy, peace and tranquility of others. Keep safety in mind when using locks.

Bring sun protection cream and sun hat - being on water you will burn easily.

Remember your sleeping bag.

Enjoy the experience!

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